Nuclear applications including Souriau connectors

Applications for cables and connectors within the nuclear industry can be extremely harsh for different reasons to subsea applications due to factors like high radiation levels, high temperatures and the presence of aggressive chemicals. Cable construction is often very similar to dynamic subsea cable  with the exception of insulating materials, which are generally designed to withstand higher temperatures.

Scorpion Oceanics supplies the nuclear fuel reprocessing industry with Souriau connectors. These connectors are designed specifically for use in nuclear applications particularly in ‘hot-cells’. The Souriau ‘ULC’ range is available in two basic materials, brass or titanium. There are 3 main sizes of shells covering everything from signal, including coax and fibre optics, through to power.

Connectors can be supplied with pre-guidance, enabling the operator to mate and de-mate connectors remotely with the use of manipulators. ULC connectors provide excellent sealing in applications where high pressure jetting is used for wash-down purposes. Plugs and receptacles can be supplied with either male pins or female socket contacts. A range of insulators with thermocouple contacts is also available.

Scorpion Oceanics has supplied a number of purpose designed and fabricated assemblies for use in the nuclear industry especially for underwater camera applications in cooling ponds etc. Other applications include terminated cable harnesses for use on reelers for flask lifting. Souriau Connection Technology can supply connectors designed to suit a particular function. Connectors can incorporate quick release lanyards, 90° cable inlet backshells, coupling levers and many other features.


Scorpion Oceanics Limited is committed to providing quality products and services and is approved by BM TRADA to ISO 9001:2015 for the design, manufacture, supply and repair of cables, connectors, ropes and terminations for the underwater and Nuclear industries.

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